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Fashion Faux Pas That Became The Norm
2019/8/7 15:12:00

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Once upon a time there was a whole category dedicated to “Fashion Faux Pas.” These time honored rules were never to be broken for fear of seeming like a fashion rodent rather than a fashion mogul but times are a changin’ and rules these days are meant to be broken. Here’s our hottest list of fashion don’ts they have become fashion dares! 


Socks and sandals


Old School



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New School



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Once something only grandpa or a rogue uncle would do, wearing socks with sandals is now not only okay but advised! And not only sandals but with court shoes, pumps and even ballet flats. Of course there’s still some guidelines to adhere to if you want rock this old fashion faux pas. Be sure your socks make a statement not your old white sports socks that have gone grey in the wash. Anything from sparkly pairs to printed motifs, knitted patterns to overly branded ones, these socks are meant to be shown off so be sure they’re one of your favorite pairs. Gladiator and Moses sandals will still be hard to pull off any kind of a sock with but the rest are up for grabs. We love open toed sandals that show off some toed sock or strappy pairs that show sock peeping through. The cardinal rule here is that your sock should always finish above your shoe. 


Collars Buttoned To The Top



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If you went to a school with a school uniform, you’ll know the coolest thing to do was to have your top button left undone. Collars buttoned right to the top was seen as nerdy or geeky and not in a good way. Thankfully for all of you good two shoes out there (guilty!) having your shirt buttoned right to the top is considered geek chic and bonus points if you layer a sweater over the top. Go the whole hog and finish off your look with a preppy blazer and oversized glasses or sun glasses or keep it less preppy by pairing your shirt with a pleated maxi skirt and cropped leather jacket. The best part of this trend coming out of the faux pas category is with every shirt you get to style it two ways; either buttoned right up or with as many buttons undone as you’re comfortable with, the easiest day to night transition you’ll ever make. 


Navy and Black 



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From a young age, I was always taught from the baby boomers never to mix navy and black in the same outfit, what a catastrophe that would be. The same goes for black and brown and red and pink. It’s true, these colors still clash and fight against each other, what’s changed is our styling attitude to these clashes - we’re totally okay with it now! We’re embracing the clash and just allowing it to happen and sometimes it allows for some of the most exciting outfit creations. We can’t get enough of bringing prints into the mix when it comes to pairing these seemingly wrong colors together. A polka dot or graphic print can go a long way here and don’t be afraid to neutralise with white or cream. Don’t go mad though, for dress pants or work wear, it’s best to keep black pants with black shoes and vice versa. 





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Scrunchies are an ambiguous trend, they rise in status quickly and fall lower than ever before. First taking the spotlight in the 90’s, scrunchies were everywhere and thin hair ties couldn’t get a look it. Multiple scrunchies in all different sizes were even worn all at the same time to give a 3D look with plenty of texture and color. But very quickly, they became a thing of disgust in the late naughties, something only an unfashionable country bumpkin would wear. For all of you Sex and the City fans, you’ll remember the episode when Carrie rightly predicts that the female stranger at the bar is not from New York due to the scrunchie in her hair, after all, any self respecting New Yorker wouldn’t have been caught dead wearing a scrunchie in that era. And of course with the ebs and flows of fashion, scrunchies are cool again and everyone is wearing them in their hair or on their wrists. Everything from linen to velvet, sequined to cord, if you were ever thinking of embracing scrunchies, now is the time to do it. 


Kitten heels 



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Kitten heels used to be the grandmother of all heels, the thought behind them being they’re too small to be worth wearing. But thanks to the powers that be, we’ve now realized that with just a tiny lift, even from the smallest of kitten heels, your legs look longer, your posture is more elegant and they don’t hurt as much as a regular sky scraping pair of heels. Kitten heels look fabulous on slide ons and mules but we’re not sure anyone can pull off a kitten heel on a boot. Another great option for heel lovers who can’t deal with the pain or live anywhere near cobblestones is the classic block heel, choose a quality pair of shoes, boots or sandals in a block heel and your toes won’t be stinging all day long. 


Bumbags, Fannypacks and Banana Sacks


   Old School



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New School



Image Via : Mango


Depending on where you’re from you’ll know these iconic bags as one of three names but what was once considered the bag of choice for uncouth travelers and tourists is now the hottest accessory. We’ve even figured out a way to wear them across the body alongside the traditional around the waist way. Every is wearing these super practical bags and they’re made in all kinds of stylish fabrics including leather so you should kiss goodbye to that red and blue nylon one your mom gave you when you were nine, this isn’t an excuse to bring that monstrosity to light again, there are so many better options now!



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